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TRUE LOVE ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Love is the compendium of God's attributes. Imitate Jesus. How? By loving your fellowmen as you would your own son, your own mother, your brother, as you would yourselves. Have you sometimes observed how even the wild animals gently respond to a call of love? Well, in the same manner, the elements can respond, the forces of Nature and all that exists within the material and spiritual world. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Love, the beginning and reason of human existence. Truly I say to you, that everything great and good that exists in the spirit, you have never given because you do not even know it. From infancy until old age, you have clear examples of everything that is gained with love and of the pain that originates from the lack of charity; but you, more insensible than the rocks, have yet to learn the teachings and examples that daily living give you. Love is the beginning and the reason of your existence. Oh humanity! How could you live without that gift? Believe me, there are many who carry death within, and others who are sick just for not loving anyone. Truly I say to you that there exists coldness in the hearts of men, because love has fled from them. It is like those homes in which the sacred flame of affection has been extinguished, be it between spouses, between parents and children, or between brothers. Their bodies are together, but their spirits are distant. How large is their emptiness, how large is the loneliness, and how cold the inside of those homes! If men felt the true love for their brethren, they should not be suffering the chaos in which they find themselves and everything within them would be harmony and peace; but that Divine Love they do not understand and they only want the truth that reaches the brain, not the one that reaches the heart, and there they have the result of their materialism: a selfish humanity, false and full of bitterness. The true meaning of love. When I speak to you about love I refer to the divine link that unites all beings, I am not referring to the love, as it is understood by men. Where there is selfishness and low passions, there is no true love. I equally love the one who deceives and offends me, as well as the one who recognizes and honors me with his deeds. Even though much is spoken about love on earth, there are those who fake it; others who confuse it with a selfish feeling, and others with a low passion. Falseness rules the human heart, the untruth reigns, there is deceit love, friendship and charity. You were born because of love, you exist because of love, you are forgiven because of love, and you will be in eternity because of love. Love is not learned, it is felt, it is carried within. Truly I say to you that love is the immutable power that moves the universe. Love is the beginning and the essence of life. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- For you love is a beautiful word, but until today you have not penetrated into its true sense.

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